Saturday, 19 February 2011


Here some stories i would like to share.HEHE
well,it kinda weirdo act and its out of ma mind
i mean out of our mind.GAAH

One of my friend hvng prob with her BF so
we decided wanna go to Penang
so that maghrib we rent a car
around 9++pm
we've started our journey! 
PHEW,we are nut gurls hell yah

we hv arrived at Penang around 1am
ahh my eyes so damn tired
then she met up then get fought.
hahaah kelakar lah

wek! fucking bored there.
nothing to do so i decide went to
Pulau Pinang Bridge
haaaa so tenang lah

Went to Restoran Ketapang *tipu je act Mamak Pelita :))
makan2 HUNGRY ohh
then sent him back at Uitm
and go back to Ipoh
HAHAH such lame journey i guess

Then Anne make some cool plan
Went to Kl,ahh brilliant idea
then Zahidah met her BF

Thus,i drove my car to Seremban
and I met him :)
walaweh,from Penang-Ipoh-Kl-Seremban :)

phew i can't believe it
finally ive met him up!
cool way huh.

can u imagine??
i drove the car from the NORTH till the SOUTH
ahhh terlalu penat
BUT anything for him

i wish we can spend time more together
Insyallah :)

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